Video: Version GoPro Unidad Estado Solido 240Gb – Ingles

julio 5, 2016


SanDisk SSD Disk 240GB Unboxing. We leave the video made during the unpacking of the product and the original story of the same.

Traducción al Ingles de la narración del vídeo

Para ver la transcripción en Español – Aqui –
Welcome to tecnopica.com.
We will proceed to the opening of this package, which has been given us today by agency and from one of the existing online stores where we bought some of the components for the Gamer team we are building.
The package itself is a cardboard envelope, has a side flap will proceed to cut with the cutter, is a cardboard enough hardness and the tape itself it brings is quite so hard that we will use a scissors to make it a small cut at the end of the flange and with this if we can access within this envelope.
So simply, it now seems so, and indeed as we expected is the new SSD – PLUS the SANDISK brand, Solid State Drive, a new hard disk solid state we have acquired, is 240 Gb and was part our new team, its main function is to boot the operating system, although in the future do not exclude the installation of some other game or some other application.
It comes in this small cardboard box, simply up another eyelash also with a plastic material that looks like it is not easy to open, take off, so we will proceed to remove part of the closure of the paperboard to thereby make the It is leading inside.
This solid state disk is a little more storage than we had seen the previous 120 GB and have acquired because it was in pretty good price.
We have here the guarantee card as they come in almost every product today and the disc itself that comes in the plastic bundle inside a bag, also made of plastic, with its sticker with instructions and approvals from behind serial number and this bag brings a small sticker as a seal that simply pulling one of these as tabs can be removed and easily access the disk.
The disc in appearance is quite simple touch is a plastic feel, in fact it is a fairly simple black plastic, is we said the sticker behind, connections for pins SATA and power input, power, like any other disk.
It has four holes, one in each corner, where we then accommodate the screws when we install in our support of free housing that we have in our PC.
It is a little narrower than normal 2.5-inch disks, and indeed brings also accompanies this little supplement used to that, to give thickness, has strips that stick and give the thickness of a disc 2.5″
We also have this small tag with the manufacturer, which is no sticker, and little else. The truth is that it has little else to say.
It is hard to use in a new technology appears that is what awaits us in the future or that come in the future and we’ll all soon and will install them on our computer disk.


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